By completing the 2022 Member Survey you will be entered to win a one-time $200 Bill Credit to be announced in October 2022. 

To be eligible:
You must complete this survey by October 1, 2022
You must be the primary account holder (name is listed on your bill)
Only one submission per member

Please contact 502-437-8162 if you have questions regarding this survey.


2022 Member Survey

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We appreciate you taking the time to complete our Annual Member Survey. Your responses help us to better understand the changing needs of our Members and prepare for future electrical demands on our system. Shelby Energy does not share your personal information with third-parties or any other sources. Your privacy is very important to us! Please call 502-437-8162 if you have questions regarding this survey. 

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Why do we want to know if you are a Veteran? Well...We want to Thank you for your service! We also want to keep you in mind when we host Veteran-Appreciation events.