If you are in need of the following additional services, please review the provided links and submit the form below or call 800-292-6585 to speak with a representative.

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Service Request
Please select from the outdoor residential lighting options below. Service for the listed units is unmetered and will be billed on your monthly bill for electrical services furnished by Shelby Energy Cooperative. 
A Shelby Energy representative will schedule repairs per your request. 
Shelby Energy cannot guarantee the date of disconnection. These services will be scheduled during regular business hours and based on current workload
Once your request is submitted, an Energy Advisor will contact you to schedule your Audit. Please make sure you have provided the best contact information on this form. 
Disconnections of Service are only performed during normal business hours
Please provide your forwarding address:
If able, locate the Shelby Energy pole nearest your home (holding the transformer) and record the number seen on the plate
Please sign below to verify your request for a yard light installation and to accept the associated fees on your monthly bill. 
By signing this form, you are allowing Shelby Energy Cooperative to carry out the requested services and make any associated changes to your account.