Welcome to Shelby Energy Cooperative, Inc!
We are pleased to have you as part of our membership.


Shelby Energy is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric distribution cooperative. We were established in 1937 by community members in Shelby, Henry and Trimble counties, with a mission to bring electricity to rural families. Today, we serve over 13,000 members across 10 counties.

Cooperatives are unique businesses. They are organized to provide a needed product or service based on not-for-profit principles. There are no stockholders in an electric cooperative. Instead, anyone that receives electric service from Shelby Energy is part-owner. We call them "members". As a member, you have a vote in the way the cooperative operates and you elect representatives from the membership to make up our Board of Directors. Because the cooperative is a not-for-profit organization, revenues collected beyond operating expenses are returned to members in the form of Capital Credits, in time, as our financial condition allows.

As you move through your this orientation, you will learn more about the programs and benefits that are unique to Shelby Energy Cooperative members. Please watch the video below to understand more about the Cooperative Model and your role as a member of Shelby Energy Cooperative.



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