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Shelby Energy Cooperative has partnered with Charter Communications (“Spectrum”) in an agreement to upgrade approximately 225 existing utility poles to support the expansion of Spectrum’s broadband service in parts of Trimble and Carroll Counties. Many of the existing utility poles are aged and weathered and may not accommodate the additional weight of internet service lines.

To prepare for Spectrum’s service expansion, and to ensure reliability of Shelby Energy’s electric service in the area, Shelby Energy Cooperative crews, along with several Davis H. Elliot contractors, will begin an effort to exchange aged poles on Monday, April 18. The project will cover a large portion of Shelby Energy’s service territory in Trimble and Carroll Counties and is expected to be completed in just two weeks, weather permitting.

“We’re excited to work with Spectrum on this. As a Cooperative, our focus has always been to improve the quality of life for the members we serve. Upgrading our infrastructure in preparation for Spectrum’s arrival is one way we can help do that. We will build it and they will come!“ says Shelby Energy Operations & Contract Resources Manager, Jason Ginn.

Shelby Energy encourages residents to use caution when driving through these areas and be aware that brief outages may occur for the safety of the line crews.

“I’m proud of our line technicians and all the work they’ve done to prepare for this project. We’re creating a durable avenue for Spectrum to reach our rural communities.  It’s an exciting time and we’re happy to do our part.” Shelby Energy President & CEO, Jack Bragg.

Shelby Energy Cooperative is not an internet service provider. Please contact Charter Communications (“Spectrum”) to find out if internet service will be available at your home.

Work Zones: 

Pecks Pike
Corn Creek Rd

Hwy 42
Buck Creek Rd
Richmond Hill 
Norvelle Rd
Thornhill Rd 
Sulphur Rd
Sulphur-Bedford Rd 
Carlisle Rd

Gilgal Rd
Hwy 389
Mill Creek Rd
Turkey Run
Vance Rd
Hwy 55
Woodrow Wilson
Lock Rd 
Georges Creek
Harold Clifton


*The two-week Pole Initiative has completed but members in these areas may expect additional improvements in the weeks to come - 05/2/22*