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Thomas takes 3rd place in Who Powers You Contest

Shelby Energy would like to congratulate Tammy Thomas on winning 3rd place in the Who Powers You contest. We are incredibly grateful for the work that she is doing in our community!

Tammy Thomas, a member of the Shelby Energy Cooperative, was awarded third place in the first Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives’  Who Powers You contest.

The contest was created to reward and support co-op members who are making a difference in the communities served by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. Co-ops serve more than 1.1 million people in 87 counties.

Thomas, who serves as Senior Vice President, Director of Affordable Housing at Citizens Union Bank in Shelbyville, is a life-long philanthropist with several interests that all ultimately serve under privileged children and families. Thomas said it’s a spiritual calling for her to give back to those in her community who need help in any way she can.

“Each year at Christmas, I would spearhead an effort here at the bank, with help from other CUB employees, for people to either donate money or to go shopping for gifts.  We would choose either Salvation Army children or we would partner with the school’s Family Resource and Youth Services Centers (FRYSC) and learn about families that needed help with Christmas gifts.  I would collect all the gifts and with help from other CUB employees we would have a party, take pictures with Santa, and give the children gifts or deliver the gifts/arrange gift pick up, depending on what worked from a logistics standpoint each year” Thomas said.

And that’s just the start of Thomas’ giving spirit, which she says is based on her faith and the way she was raised in church. “I was raised in church and taught you are supposed to have a servant's heart, that’s just what you’re supposed to do. I have a desire to live that out,” Thomas said.

“Tammy's long list of service speaks for itself, but more often than not, she works behind the scenes in humble service. She is tireless in energy and passion for those she serves,” said Marcia Mitchum, director of operations at Awake Ministries, who nominated Thomas for the contest.

She will be donating her $250 prize check to Awake Ministries, a faith-based addiction recovery and community support/food insecurity group, where she serves on the board of directors and volunteers her time to teach financial and budgeting counseling to clients of the Ministry.

On Dec. 11, she will be working at the annual Christmas store for her church, Simpsonville Baptist, which hosts a deeply discounted gift buying opportunity for the less fortunate. The parents spend their own money on gifts for their children. “Bicycles may be $15 and big expensive toys are $3 or $6,” Thomas said. She said the concept is hand up and not a handout.

Thomas is also active in brining quality, affordable housing and economic development to Shelby County and the greater Louisville region, and has a mantra about helping people of low and moderate income levels find affordable housing.  In her job at CUB, she works to bring this same type housing to a much larger regional area. 

“We are working to bring workforce housing to Shelby County with all the jobs that are coming in. I have a saying that you can give someone the best job in the world, but if they don’t have a roof over their head and a safe place to lay at night, they probably won't be a good employee.”

You’re supposed to give back to others, Thomas said. “I think I would feel guilty if I didn’t.”

As part of her work with those in addiction recovery, Thomas said every hour she puts into working with people to help get them on their feet, to help them get safe, affordable housing is worth it when she’s able to help someone succeed. “There have been some great success stories,” Thomas said, “One woman has been clean two-plus years now and just bought a home and has a good job.  When you see those successes, it makes it all worth it.”