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Shelby Energy competes in Lineman's Rodeo

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceoperatives power more than 1.5 million people across Kentucky every day. These line workers labor in all conditions to keep the power on for our members. Since 2005, Kentucky line workers have been gathering once a year to compete in the Kentucky Lineman’s Rodeo.

The Lineman’s Rodeo is the premier safety event hosted by Kentucky Electric Cooperatives. This year’s Lineman’s Rodeo was held September 29 and 30 in Paducah at Jackson Purchase Energy’s headquarters. Events for individuals and teams were based on traditional lineman tasks and skills such as the hurtman rescue and single-phase line and equipment transfer. Shelby Energy Cooperative sent two teams and two apprentices to participate in individual and team events and invited their families to see first-hand what our linemen do every day.

“The lessons learned at the rodeo continue to be important for our lineman. Lessons like safety practices and communication are showcased at the Lineman’s Rodeo and carried into the field with them once they return” says Jack Bragg, Shelby Energy Cooperative President and CEO.

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Description automatically generatedt the Lineman’s Rodeo the participants can’t have any safety deduction and must complete the event in the fastest time. Shelby Energy Cooperative apprentice Chandler Ping won second place in hurtman rescue. Jeff Lea won second place in the mystery event and second place overall in the apprentice division.  Blake Newby, Chandler Ping and Cooper Wafzig won third place in the team hurtman rescue.

“Safety is the top priority of our lineman in everything they do, and they got to showcase that during these events. I’m very proud of the hard work and dedication each of our employees showed during the Lineman’s Rodeo” says Mike Mason, Operations and Internal Resources Manager at Shelby Energy Cooperative.

Benji Bohannon, Hunter New and Matt Reide also represented the cooperative and had zero safety deductions.